Our group is determined to unravel novel mechanisms of tumor-stroma interactions in solid and hematologic malignancies. A central focus of our studies lies on dissecting the cross-talk of tumor cells with bone-marrow-derived cells both at the site of primary tumors and within the bone marrow.

Thereby, we aim at identifying novel targets potentially useful to improve anti-cancer therapies alone and in conjunction with established therapies. Subsequently these targets are translated to clinical samples in order to determine their relevance for human disease. Our ultimate goal is to develop better therapies for personalized cancer care.

The Loges lab hosts the Liquid Biopsy biobank of the University Cancer Center Hamburg (UCCH) and the Next Generation Sequencing Core Facility.

​​Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Campus Forschung (N27)

Personalized Oncology Lab

Prof. Dr. Dr. Sonja Loges

Martinistr. 52
20246 Hamburg


Victoria Gensch
Phone (Lab): +49 (0)40 7410 51992

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Fax: +49 (0)40 7410 55896

E-Mail: v.gensch@uke.de

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